Company’s Profile and Activity

  • Dreamers Tours is one of the leading companies in the field of tourism in Egypt and the world since its inception in 1982.
  • Dreamers Tours is one of major companies specialized in internal and external tourism, Hajj and Umrah serviceswith all its programs and levels, curative tourism, hotel services, booking airline tickets on all lines all over the world, tourism transport and limousine service.
  • The company is distinguished from its respective counterpartsby continuous follow-up to its customers and answering all their inquiries and constant communication with the client.
  • The company enjoys providing all tourist services at the highest level thanks to its long experience in the field of tourism for forty years, which led it to gain the trust of all its customers.
  • The company has distinct human cadres with long experience and study specializing in providing tourist services as well as the presence of tour guides for all nationalities and languages for the convenience of customers and ease of communication.
  • Dreamers Tour owns a modern fleet of transport and distinguished drivers with long experience for the convenience and safety of our customers
  • All of this and many more make Dreamers Tours in the foreground and pioneering always.
    May God grant success.